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About Us

Rajasthan Desert Tour “A Unit of Shyam Tour ” The Indian heritage can be explored in depth during this travel. According to your interest you can select the travel packages. The travel and tour package include visit to beaches of Goa, Landscape and water sports, backwaters of Kerala, wild life of Rajasthan, Royal Rajasthan tours etc.
Some of the tour packages that you can choose from are Royalty of Rajasthan, Shaking chill of Kashmir, Mysteries of forts, Spiritual myths and temple tours along with the travel to the Eastern India like Assam, Darjeeling Manipur etc.

My name is Shyam Singh, I belong to rural town of Rajasthan, I have been in tourism trade as a ‘driver’ since 1994, I drove travelers nearly all around northern India including Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan and I know most of the places to stay, eat and visit( such as monuments), after 20 years driving I have though and decide that I want to start a company of driver travel agency which will be run by a team of experience drivers(those whom I know personally and have been driving along with me) my other interest behind this is to create a employment for those drivers who comes to cities in search of drivers work from rural part of Rajasthan, India driving in tourism trade from last 10 to 15years, their knowledge of conversation English, road route, how to behave with travelers as we proudly say guests is God a part of traditional hospitality in Rajasthan. Our aim is to go extra step to show real life of India to travelers/guest come from all around the globe driving safely and let them enjoy their holiday time fully. With the above aim I also want that the money from travelers reach directly to driver and he can feed his family, able to give better healthcare and education.

There was a time when a driver gets travel bookings only from big travel agent and some time from big hotels, over the time now its complete change due to commutation technology/internet, Facebook and word of mouth recommendation, yes of course ‘trip advisor’.

We do not want to make our company large, we want to focus on northern India All Rajasthan including Delhi and Agra, with our last 20 years of experience we are able to recommends travelers a good driver in central India knows as Madhya Pradesh.

May a big company can plan great tour of Rajasthan India but its uncompleted without a good and safe driver. We let traveler choose their own duration of time to stay, hotels, places to eat and shop. If needs help we are ready to offer assistance. In nut shell-
Our team known 5 places to stay at nearly each city of northern India (Rajasthan, Agra, and Delhi) Couple of good places to eat at each city and off course all famous monuments with some secrets.

Slogan My country India known as subcontinent with population second in Asia it has its own traffic rules at each state level such as crossing a road by person, driving a car along with animals walking I thing this country needs a safe and experience driver so a driver is also very important to the country.

:- Shyam Singh